Intelligent Human Capital Management System

Web Based | Mobile Ready | Cloud Based

Before & After Hiring Solution

1 . Job Posting / Announcement Module

Post a New Job , Edit , Delete , Pause , Stop or Cancel a job posted .. Users will be able to even view jobs on the mobile

2 . Applicant Online Registration

Quick Register / Sign up using Email Address / Facebook / Google .

3. Applicant Management

Manage all Applicants that Register in your database , View Profile & Resume at a click of a button

4. Application Forms Management

Employment Application Form are fully Automated

5. Hiring & Selection Management

HR can Shortlist an application , he can also forward that to line manager , get the interview schedule from them and you can notify applicant for interview .& after interview the entire Selection , Rejection , Joining process ...

6. Employee Management

Manage your Employees, Assign Employee Numbers, Grades and Keep Track of your Employee Particulars

7. Payroll & Payslip Management

Manage Your Payroll , Payslips can be viewed on the Mobile

8. Time sheet Management

Manage your Employees TimeSheet and keep track of all the time

9. Expense & Claim Management

Manage your Employees Expense and Claims

10. Leave Management

Manage your Employees Leave , Apply / Check Leave using the Mobile devices

11. Tax Clearance Management

Manage your Employees Tax

12. Employment Visa / Work Visa Management

Are you Hiring Foreigners then this module is very useful

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